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(108) "A Song for Nagasaki" - by Father Paul Glynn View
Donation  $12.00
(124) "Challenges and Hopes: Stories from the Catholic Church in China" View
Donation  $4.00
(116) "Feasts and Seasons" - by Fr Werenfried van Straaten View
Donation  $4.00
(111) "God Speaks to His Children" - Child's Bible View
Donation  $7.00
(107) "Healing Fire from Frozen Earth" - by Father Paul Glynn View
Donation  $12.00
(101) "I Believe" - A Little Catholic Catechism View
Donation  $10.00
(122) "Images of Christianity at the beginning of the Third Millennium" View
Donation  $5.00
(149) "Like a Samurai "- The Tony Glynn Story View
Donation  $12.00
(110) "Psalms - Songs for the Way Home" - by Father Paul Glynn View
Donation  $12.00
(129) "Roll Back the Stone of Fear" View
Donation  $4.00

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